The accusations against Amnesty International Italy’s face-to-face operators are: ‘Baseless

14 Novembre 2023

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In response to allegations regarding the amateur video circulated today on X, where a man in Naples records, without their consent, some of our face-to-face operators, accusing them of tearing and discarding flyers depicting images of kidnapped Israeli children, Ricardo Noury, spokesperson for Amnesty International Italy, stated:

“These are baseless accusations. Our colleagues politely explained that we cannot display or keep material related to human rights violations produced by other organizations. Therefore, the flyer was removed.

The fact that the entire incident was recorded on video, with a zoom on personal data, speaks volumes about the intentions of the person who created it: an orchestrated operation to undermine the work of a human rights organization that, since October 7, has been advocating for the release of Israeli civilian hostages held by Hamas. These hostages are doubly victimized by war crimes, being detained for over a month without external contact and compelled to make video statements addressed to Israeli authorities.